Brow Couture Pomade Eye Brow Pomade, 5.5 g

30,00 AED 

  • Eyebrow pomade with intense color and powder finish. Waterproof formula provides durable eyebrow makeup. Ideal for people who need to visibly replenish their eyebrows. In a package with a brush.
Eye Brow Pomade_01TaupeEye Brow Pomade_01TaupeEye Brow Pomade_02 blondeEye Brow Pomade_02 blondeEye Brow Pomade_03 BrunetteEye Brow Pomade_03 BrunetteEye Brow Pomade_04 Dark BrunetteEye Brow Pomade_04 Dark Brunette
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To emphasize and noticeably complement the eyebrows, Pease’s brow couture eyebrow pomade will work perfectly. The waterproof formula guarantees a durable, intense effect of a beautifully emphasized eye frame. We have attached a brush to the pomade, thanks to which you can easily and precisely give the right shape to your eyebrows.

• Eyebrow pomade with a waterproof formula

• Product with strong color pigmentation

• Pomade guarantees a powdery, matte finish of the eyebrows

• Solid form and durable consistency created thanks to the waxes found in the pomade

• Emollients included in the pomade moisturize, smooth and soften the hair

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Weight 0,053 kg
Dimensions 4,8 × 3,2 × 4,1 cm

Eye Brow Pomade_01Taupe, Eye Brow Pomade_02 blonde, Eye Brow Pomade_03 Brunette, Eye Brow Pomade_04 Dark Brunette

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Brow Couture Pomade Eye Brow Pomade, 5.5 g

30,00 AED 

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