Nanorevit Brightening Concealer, 8.5 ml

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The brightening concealer scatters the light, brightens the skin and makes wrinkles, imperfections, signs of fatigue disappear. It gives the impression of fresh, rested skin full of radiance. After four weeks of regular use, it reduces wrinkles by 20%

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  • It will illuminate the gaze and hide dark circles under the eyes. The lightweight formula enriched with blackcurrant seed oil makes sure you look flawless all day.
  • After 4 weeks of regular use, you will notice a reduction in wrinkles by more than 20%
      • linoleic acid (LA) synthesizes other omega-6 acids responsible for maintaining optimal skin hydration
      • γ-linolenic acid (GLA),the deficiency of which causes a loss of skin elasticity, which significantly accelerates the formation of wrinkles
      • α-linolenic acid (ALA) strengthens the cells of the epidermis and thus the protective barrier of the skin
      • oleic acid stimulates regeneration and the formation of new cells
      • stearidic acid rebuilds the lipid mantle

Let’s get to the point!Our supercomponent – blackcurrant seed oil:

      • affects skin renewal processes – stimulates the growth of the number of collagen fibers
      • fights free radicals – has an antioxidant effect
      • intensively moisturizes – reduces the loss of water from the epidermis
      • visibly smoothes the surface of the skin – eliminates wrinkles
      • deeply nourishes
      • regulates sebum secretion
      • strengthens blood vessels
      • reduces redness of the skin

As a result, the skin retains its firmness and youthful appearance. Our product was created with nature in mind. We reused Polish fruit pooding, reducing the amount of waste in the environment. Thanks to an efficient and non-invasive extraction method, we obtained an extremely pure oil.

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Nanorevit Brightening Concealer, 8.5 ml

43,00 AED 

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