• Nanorevit High Gloss Liquid Lipstick, 4.5 ml

    A liquid lipstick that will cover your lips with a beautiful, long-lasting and intense colour. This product combines the coverage of a lipstick with easy application of a lip gloss. Glossy lips effect
    without particles

    • enriched with an active ingredient that comprehensively cares
    • strong, shiny color
    • lightweight, hydrating formula
  • Lipstick with Argan Oil 4.3 g


    • Why did Argan Lipstick become your favorite lipstick? Because they contain as much as 70% of the ingredients nurturing!
    • Their creamy formulas take care of the lips all day long, and the color remains just as delightful as when applying
    • strong opacity and intense color , provides a long-lasting effect , colour does not rub off and lasts exceptionally long on the lips
    • prevents water from evaporating from the epidermis

    Active Ingredients:-

    • argan oil moisturizes & nurtures lips
    • Candelilla wax gives lipstick a delicate texture and has oily, nurturing, moisturizing and smoothing properties
    • Carnauba wax gives shine & tinges
    • vitamin E has antioxidant properties
    • thanks to its high content of active ingredients, it creates a protective barrier against external factors
  • Nanorevit Sheer Lipstick, 2.2 g

    Semi-transparent lipstick that gives your lips delicate colour and shine. Its nourishing formula perfectly moisturizes and regenerates chapped lips. After 4 weeks of regular use, your lips moisture content is increased by 65%

  • Silky Matt Liquid Lipstick

    • Very durable liquid lipstick with a matte finish
    • Light and powdery formula provides a pleasant and fast application
    • Immediately after one minute of application lipstick perpetuates a deep, matte color on the lips
    • Matte lipstick does not dry out and does not tighten the mouth
    • Protects the mouth from water loss
    • It is resistant to smudging, does not reflect and leaves no traces
    • Lipstick does not stick and does not shine
    • Extremely intense, wide color palette

  • Lipstick Mattologie, 4.3 g

    * Durable Lipstick with Matte Finish and long lasting effect
    * Made from more than 50% natural ingredients; Creamy Formula ; Moisturizing & Non Drying Lips ; Anti Inflammatory and smoothing effects ;
    * Extremely comfortable to use Magnetic Packaging

    * Active ingredients:-
                                   Rice Oil – Provides a natural protective filter and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
                                   Rice Wax –
    Smooths, greases, prevents the loss of water from the epidermis.
                                   Complex of Vitamins A, C, E
    – Guarantees optimal hydration of the skin of the lips.

  • Liquid Lipstick Best Friend

    Liquid lipstick with a velvety texture and matte finish. In a wide range of colors, from natural nude to intense shades. The active ingredient LIPerfection contained in the lipstick – moisturizes and improves the appearance of the lips.

    • durable liquid lipstick
    • lightweight, non-drying formula
    • excellent coverage
    • velvety matte finish
    • precise applicator for easy application
    • the caring active ingredient LIPerfection improves the appearance of the lips and moisturizes them
    • pleasant raspberry – vanilla fragrance

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