• Camouflage in Long Cover Camouflage Cream , 5.5ml

    Professional camouflage in the cream is irreplaceable in the fight against any skin imperfections. It is easy to apply and blends perfectly into the skin, making the makeup look natural.

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  • Nanorevit Natural Finish Long wear Everyday Foundation , 35 ml


    Here is a foundation that is a complement to daily care. Independent studies have confirmed that it reduces water loss by almost 30% and reduces skin lubricate by 82%. It contains active blackcurrant seed oil enclosed in a nanostructure.

    * Enriched with an active ingredient that comprehensively cares for the skin
    * Long-lasting, natural finish
    * The skin acquires a uniform color
    * Suitable for even very sensitive skin
    * Regulates sebum secretion
    * Has an antioxidant effect
    * Biocompatabilable with skin

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  • Lush Satin Multivitamin Brightening Foundation, 30 ml

    Vitamin illuminating foundation, rich in active ingredients. It contains a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and microelements. It gently smoothes and provides a healthy and fresh look.


    Active ingredients:
    Mango, papaya, pomegranate extract – evens out the skin tone.
    A cocktail of vitamins A, C, E, PP, a group of B vitamins – nourishes and nourishes the skin.
    Tightening polymers – smooth wrinkles, nourish and energize the skin.

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