• Illuminating face powder Glowing Powder 10 g

    The new formula of our bestselling product. A mist-like light glowing powder with a velvety soft formula. It improves the look of the skin, providing an exceptionally subtle illuminating and smoothing effect. 


    – a subtle illuminating effect

    – it ensures a healthy-looking skin

    – contains seven selected oil-based flower extracts

    – available in three shades 


    Provide your skin with a subtle glow!! 


    A new version of an iconic product. You will love it from the first use. 


    The glowing powder provides the effect of a healthy and smooth complexion. Its original formula contains seven selected oil-based flower extracts that effectively care for the face. The application of the product is very easy and pleasant. The powder leaves the skin feeling moisturized and soothed. 

    The product unifies the skin tone with a soft-focus effect. The face looks well-rested and radiant. The glowing powder conceals minor skin imperfections, leaving it smooth. The lightweight formula reflects light for a subtle glow. 

    The product has been closed in a handy compact with a mirror, so you can easily fit it into your handbag or backpack. 


    If you have a fair complexion, you will find number 13 to be an excellent bronzer that will provide a well-tanned effect. 

    What’s inside?


    Midsummer Night’s Dream Oil – moisturizes and smoothes skin for a healthy look. 

    META: A cult product is back in stock. Discover the powder mist available in three shades.

  • Self Glow Bronzing Powder, 6g

    • Self Glow is a natural sun brush effect.
    • -Technological back injection * process facilitates distribution and ensures no stains
    • – coconut and blackcurrant oil provides comprehensive care
    • – two colors perfect for combining or using alone
  • Hi Rice! Coloured Rice Powder, 10g

    Absorbs excess sebum and guarantees a long-lasting matt effect. It can be used as a primer or a fixer to keep makeup last longer. Perfectly smooths and evens out the skin. It does not block the pores. It is free from talc, parabens, and allergens. In our opinion, rice powder is the biggest star of photoshoots. Everyone loves it because it becomes completely invisible after application.

    Loose rice powder with the addition of color. It contains 86% natural ingredients and is 100% vegan. It has been enriched with mineral pigments, thanks to which it evens out the skin tone. It gives the feeling of an extremely smooth complexion and a matte finish.

  • Puff Cloud Under Eye Powder, 5.3g

    The delicate skin around your eyes requires special care. That’s why Puff Cloud has been created. It is a smoothing powder for the skin around eyes that will keep concealer in place all day and cover up any signs of fatigue. Its light, diffusing formula will perfectly smooth the skin still leaving it light and not overburdened.
    Say puff puff to sleepless nights!

    Active ingredients:
    Fig opuntia oil – it will take care of the eye area, particularly prone to wrinkle.

  • Nanorevit Perfecting and Covering Powder, 9 gm

    • Provides the skin with a long-lasting and matte finish. • The creamy formula hides imperfections and makes your complexion look radiant and healthy.regulation of the amount of sebum by 65.93% • no irritant properties • the product not only mattes the skin, but reduces dryness, does not irritate or sensitize, has anti-inflammatory effects – sensory test results • improvement in skin structure and color confirmed – positive results of application tests • antioxidant effect, protecting delicate face skin against aging and the influence of harmful external factors

  • Loose Mineral Powder 04 , 15 g

    Mineral, loose mattifying powder for oily and combination skin. The natural clay contained in it has an antibacterial effect, perfectly mattifies the skin and absorbs excess sebum. In addition, it accelerates skin metabolism, oxygenates and has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Semi-transparent Matte Illuminating & Covering Powder, 9g

    Fixing pressed powder for oily, combination and normal skin. It perfectly evens out the skin tone and leaves a naturally matte finish. Thanks to the micronization of the ingredients, it is very light and practically imperceptible on the skin.

    Ideal for finishing makeup and its corrections during the day. It gives the skin a natural matte finish. It evens out the tone and provides the effect of a uniform complexion. Thanks to the micronization of powder ingredients, it is very light and blends perfectly into the skin. It contains a cocktail of vitamins A, C and E.

    ingredients Complex of vitamins A, C and E – provides proper skin care and anti-aging protection.

  • Illuminating & Covering Powder, 9g

    It combines velvety smoothness with the covering properties of the foundation. It gives the skin a healthy and fresh look. It reflects light, which optically smoothes wrinkles and unevenness of the skin. It contains beeswax, which moisturizes the skin and gives it softness.

    Active ingredients:
    Beeswax – moisturizes the skin and protects it from dryness.

  • Long Cover Powder, 8 g

    Pressed pressed powder with intensive care properties designed for normal, oily and combination skin. It provides a strong covering effect and matte makeup finish. In addition, it contains argan oil, which has moisturizing and firming properties for the skin

  • Bamboo Loose Powder , 8g

    Mattifying powder in a loose form designed for oily skin. It guarantees a very high level of matting even for highly oily skin. The silk extract contained in it additionally cares for the appropriate level of skin hydration.

    • Powder in a loose form provides long-lasting matting,
    • Ideal for oily, combination and overproduction of sebum,
    • A product with a natural composition, without talc and parabens,
    • Provides smoothing and gives the skin a delicate glow,
    • Guarantees a transparent finish of makeup, is suitable for any shade of complexion,
    • Is a vegetable, natural alternative to mineral powders,
    • Its composition in 80% is bamboo meal – strongly absorbs sebum and moisture, has antibacterial and soothing properties, regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands,
    • Enriched with silk powder, which has moisturizing properties and gives the skin a delicate glow,
    • Bamboo meal scatters light, thanks to which it softens facial features and optically reduces the visibility of defects and wrinkles on the skin,
    • The product is very efficient

  • Loose Powder High Definition, 15 g

    Lightweight loose powder for a velvety smooth complexion and matte makeup finish. The powder perfectly fixes makeup and does not require corrections during the day. It provides a soft focus effect that optically reduces imperfections and smoothes facial features. Recommended for use during photo sessions.

    Active ingredients:
    Meadowfoam oil – has water-retaining properties in the skin.

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