• Long Cover Luminous Foundation 30ml

    The foundation was created to give skin a stunning shine. It contains pearl particles that reflect light and visually correct imperfections. The highlighting formula is responsible for subtle effect and fresh look. The vitamin C contained in the foundation intensifies natural glow and nourishes your skin

    • – subtle illumination effect and a fresh look
    • – pearly pigments reflect light and optically correct imperfections
    • – vitamin C cares for the natural glow and acts as an antioxidant
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  • Unique Matt Foundation , 30 ml

    Color that cares! Unique Matt Foundation stands out “liquid to powder formula” – while application the foundation turns from a light, liquid formula into powder. It does not require the use of
    powder and touch-ups during the day. Perfect for everyday use.
    One dose of foundation is enough to even out the skin tone. If you want to get more coverage, add a second dose.

    Active ingredients:
    Hyaluronic acid – provides the optimum level of skin moisturizing.

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  • Nanorevit Natural Finish Long wear Everyday Foundation , 35 ml


    Here is a foundation that is a complement to daily care. Independent studies have confirmed that it reduces water loss by almost 30% and reduces skin lubricate by 82%. It contains active blackcurrant seed oil enclosed in a nanostructure.

    * Enriched with an active ingredient that comprehensively cares for the skin
    * Long-lasting, natural finish
    * The skin acquires a uniform color
    * Suitable for even very sensitive skin
    * Regulates sebum secretion
    * Has an antioxidant effect
    * Biocompatabilable with skin

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