• Hydrobase Under Eyes, 15ml

    Rich in active ingredients, the base-eye cream is a comprehensive care of the skin around the eyes. It brightens and counteracts the causes of shadow formation, lifts the upper eyelid, giving a lifting effect. It reduces wrinkles by 10% and restores the skin’s density.

    2-in-1 effect: a unique combination of eye cream and concealer base
    comprehensive care of the skin around the eyes
    suitable for use in the morning and evening
    prolongs the durability of makeup
    enriched with active ingredients
    reduction of wrinkles confirmed by research

  • Oil Serum Vitamin C 10%, 15 ml

    Oil serum with an innovative, stable form of vitamin C and a mixture of noble oils of natural origin – a unique brightening and rejuvenation of your skin!

    • suitable for all skin types
    • illuminates, restores youthful glow
    • moisturizes and tones the skin
    • reduces discoloration and scars
    • smoothes wrinkles
    • has an antioxidant effect
    • protects the skin from harmful external factors
    • regulates sebum secretion
    • calms inflammation
  • Hydrobase Under Makeup, 30 ml

    Rich in active ingredients and peptides, it prepares the skin for the application of the foundation – it moisturizes, strengthens, regenerates and prolongs the durability of makeup. It gently soothes, nourishes, has an anti-aging effect and replenishes water deficiencies in the skin.


    Effective rejuvenating and perfectly moisturizing serum with triple hyaluronic acid. It contains three types of hyaluronic acids, the action of which complements each other. Regular use reduces deep wrinkles.

    • deeply moisturizes
    • reduces deep wrinkles
    • has a firming effect
    • reduces irritation
    • smoothes the skin
    • can be used as a serum – in combination with an oil, cream or mask
  • Bamboo Loose Powder , 8g

    Mattifying powder in a loose form designed for oily skin. It guarantees a very high level of matting even for highly oily skin. The silk extract contained in it additionally cares for the appropriate level of skin hydration.

    • Powder in a loose form provides long-lasting matting,
    • Ideal for oily, combination and overproduction of sebum,
    • A product with a natural composition, without talc and parabens,
    • Provides smoothing and gives the skin a delicate glow,
    • Guarantees a transparent finish of makeup, is suitable for any shade of complexion,
    • Is a vegetable, natural alternative to mineral powders,
    • Its composition in 80% is bamboo meal – strongly absorbs sebum and moisture, has antibacterial and soothing properties, regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands,
    • Enriched with silk powder, which has moisturizing properties and gives the skin a delicate glow,
    • Bamboo meal scatters light, thanks to which it softens facial features and optically reduces the visibility of defects and wrinkles on the skin,
    • The product is very efficient

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