• Beauty Lipgloss with meadowfoam seed oil

    • 98% of long chain fatty acids which perfectly condition and moisturise the skin,
    • Soothes and eases the skin,
    • Prevents ageing,
    • Good antioxidant,
    • Protects the skin from UV rays

    Take care of your lips and shine with Beauty Lip gloss.

    • Guarantees a mirror-like shine,
    • Its particles reflect light and visibly volumize the lips,
    • Does not leave a sticky feeling,
    • Long-wearing, guarantees a long-lasting glow effect,
    • Meadowfoam seed oil moisturizes, regenerates and prevents dehydration,
    • It has a nice raspberry and vanilla smell,
    • High pigmentation and efficiency

    • Clear
  • Silky Matt Liquid Lipstick

    • Very durable liquid lipstick with a matte finish
    • Light and powdery formula provides a pleasant and fast application
    • Immediately after one minute of application lipstick perpetuates a deep, matte color on the lips
    • Matte lipstick does not dry out and does not tighten the mouth
    • Protects the mouth from water loss
    • It is resistant to smudging, does not reflect and leaves no traces
    • Lipstick does not stick and does not shine
    • Extremely intense, wide color palette

    Silky Matt Liquid Lipstick

    AED 24.00AED 65.00
    • Clear
  • Best Friend Liquid Lipstick

    Liquid lipstick with a velvety texture and matte finish. In a wide range of colors, from natural nude to intense shades. The active ingredient LIPerfection contained in the lipstick – moisturizes and improves the appearance of the lips.

    • durable liquid lipstick
    • lightweight, non-drying formula
    • excellent coverage
    • velvety matte finish
    • precise applicator for easy application
    • the caring active ingredient LIPerfection improves the appearance of the lips and moisturizes them
    • pleasant raspberry – vanilla fragrance

    Best Friend Liquid Lipstick

    AED 24.00AED 60.00
    • Clear

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