• Lipstick with Argan Oil 4.3g


    • Why did Argan Lipstick become your favorite lipstick? Because they contain as much as 70% of the ingredients nurturing!
    • Their creamy formulas take care of the lips all day long, and the color remains just as delightful as when applying
    • strong opacity and intense color , provides a long-lasting effect , colour does not rub off and lasts exceptionally long on the lips
    • prevents water from evaporating from the epidermis

    Active Ingredients:-

    • argan oil moisturizes & nurtures lips
    • Candelilla wax gives lipstick a delicate texture and has oily, nurturing, moisturizing and smoothing properties
    • Carnauba wax gives shine & tinges
    • vitamin E has antioxidant properties
    • thanks to its high content of active ingredients, it creates a protective barrier against external factors

    Lipstick with Argan Oil 4.3g

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  • Balm Lipstick , 3.5g

    A lipstick with a strong care effect with SPF 10. It protects the lips from water loss, leaving them nourished, soft and visibly fuller. The delicate degree of coverage is ensured by subtle lip makeup.

    Active ingredients:
    Rice oil – is a natural protective filter, has an anti-inflammatory effect.
    Meadowfoam oil – prevents water loss from the epidermis and facilitates the application of the product.
    The wax complex – bee, candelilla, rice – has a lubricating and smoothing effect.
    Cocoa butter – moisturizes, regenerates and
    improves the color of the lips. Shea butter – has protective properties, accelerates healing.

    Balm Lipstick , 3.5g

    AED 18.00AED 40.00
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  • Beauty Lipgloss with meadowfoam seed oil

    • 98% of long chain fatty acids which perfectly condition and moisturise the skin,
    • Soothes and eases the skin,
    • Prevents ageing,
    • Good antioxidant,
    • Protects the skin from UV rays

    Take care of your lips and shine with Beauty Lip gloss.

    • Guarantees a mirror-like shine,
    • Its particles reflect light and visibly volumize the lips,
    • Does not leave a sticky feeling,
    • Long-wearing, guarantees a long-lasting glow effect,
    • Meadowfoam seed oil moisturizes, regenerates and prevents dehydration,
    • It has a nice raspberry and vanilla smell,
    • High pigmentation and efficiency

    • Clear
  • Silky Matt Liquid Lipstick

    • Very durable liquid lipstick with a matte finish
    • Light and powdery formula provides a pleasant and fast application
    • Immediately after one minute of application lipstick perpetuates a deep, matte color on the lips
    • Matte lipstick does not dry out and does not tighten the mouth
    • Protects the mouth from water loss
    • It is resistant to smudging, does not reflect and leaves no traces
    • Lipstick does not stick and does not shine
    • Extremely intense, wide color palette

    Silky Matt Liquid Lipstick

    AED 24.00AED 65.00
    • Clear

    * Durable Lipstick with Matte Finish and long lasting effect
    * Made from more than 50% natural ingredients; Creamy Formula ; Moisturizing & Non Drying Lips ; Anti Inflammatory and smoothing effects ;
    * Extremely comfortable to use Magnetic Packaging

    * Active ingredients:-
                                   Rice Oil – Provides a natural protective filter and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
                                   Rice Wax –
    Smooths, greases, prevents the loss of water from the epidermis.
                                   Complex of Vitamins A, C, E
    – Guarantees optimal hydration of the skin of the lips.


    AED 29.00AED 65.00
    • Clear
  • Best Friend Liquid Lipstick

    Liquid lipstick with a velvety texture and matte finish. In a wide range of colors, from natural nude to intense shades. The active ingredient LIPerfection contained in the lipstick – moisturizes and improves the appearance of the lips.

    • durable liquid lipstick
    • lightweight, non-drying formula
    • excellent coverage
    • velvety matte finish
    • precise applicator for easy application
    • the caring active ingredient LIPerfection improves the appearance of the lips and moisturizes them
    • pleasant raspberry – vanilla fragrance

    Best Friend Liquid Lipstick

    AED 24.00AED 60.00
    • Clear
  • Colour Adapt Lip Pencil

    • Transparent lip liner
    • Perfectly marks the contour of the lips
    • Colorless formula perfectly harmonizes with all colors of lipsticks
    • Strongly moisturizes
    • Prevents smudging lipstick creating a colorless barrier on the lips
    • Prevents lipstick from penetrating into small depressions and wrinkles around the lips.
    AED 18.00AED 40.00 55% off

    Colour Adapt Lip Pencil

    AED 18.00AED 40.00 55% off

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