• Hydrobase Under Eyes

    Rich in active ingredients, the eye cream base is a comprehensive care for the skin around the eyes. Brightens and counteracts the causes of shadows, raises the upper eyelid, giving a lifting effect. It reduces wrinkles by 10% and restores skin density.

  • Hydrobase Under Makeup

    Moisturizing make-up base. Rich in vitamins, active ingredients and peptides, the base
    prepares the skin for applying foundation – it moisturizes, strengthens, regenerates and extends the life of makeup. This unique combination of the skin care product and
    makeup base. Hydro base gently soothes, enlivens and complements the deficiencies of water in the skin, while preparing it to apply makeup. Contains exeptional ingredients
    reflecting light. It eliminates fine lines and imperfections so the skin gains subtle glow and regains firmness and smoothness. Its excellent consistency simplifies
    application and mixing with any foundation. For all skin types.

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