• Eyebrow Styling Soap Brow Story Transparent, 8g

    Browstory is an innovative brow styling cosmetic, which helps nicely define the eyebrows and visually increase their volume, without any re-touch during the day. Its fully transparent
    formula ensures durability. It is flexible, easy to use and does not require water or fixing liquids to be added. Compared to brow gels, a soap is more durable and long-lasting.
    Active ingredient:
    basil root extract – improves the condition and density of eyebrows.
    How to use a brow styling soap?
    1. Spread the soap over the brush, so that it gets covered with the cosmetic.
    2. Smooth the eyebrows upwards to give them the desired shape.
    3. If you like a more sophisticated shape, fill in the gaps of thin brows with your favourite brow cosmetic, e.g. Powder Browpencil or Brow Couture Pomade by PAESE

  • Brow Couture Eyebrow Gel

    Waterproof gel disciplines and fixes eyebrows. Thanks to its ultra-light consistency, it provides a natural effect. The silicone brush perfectly grips and fills the hair, without the effect of sticking.

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