• Hydrobase Under Eyes, 15ml

    Rich in active ingredients, the base-eye cream is a comprehensive care of the skin around the eyes. It brightens and counteracts the causes of shadow formation, lifts the upper eyelid, giving a lifting effect. It reduces wrinkles by 10% and restores the skin’s density.

    2-in-1 effect: a unique combination of eye cream and concealer base
    comprehensive care of the skin around the eyes
    suitable for use in the morning and evening
    prolongs the durability of makeup
    enriched with active ingredients
    reduction of wrinkles confirmed by research

  • Oil Serum Vitamin C 10%, 15 ml

    Oil serum with an innovative, stable form of vitamin C and a mixture of noble oils of natural origin – a unique brightening and rejuvenation of your skin!

    • suitable for all skin types
    • illuminates, restores youthful glow
    • moisturizes and tones the skin
    • reduces discoloration and scars
    • smoothes wrinkles
    • has an antioxidant effect
    • protects the skin from harmful external factors
    • regulates sebum secretion
    • calms inflammation

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