• Nanorevit Lip Scrub Balm, 4.5g

    • This natural lip scrub will smooth your lips and make them moisturized and soft to the touch.
    • And all this thanks to apricot kernels and natural oils and butters.
  • Self Glow Bronzing Powder , 6g

    • Self Glow is a natural sun brush effect.
    • -Technological back injection * process facilitates distribution and ensures no stains
    • – coconut and blackcurrant oil provides comprehensive care
    • – two colors perfect for combining or using alone
    • Clear
  • Self Glow Highlighter- Ultra, 6.5g

    • Self Glow is a multi-purpose highlighter.
    • -innovative formula for dry and wet use
    • -Technological back injection * process allowed to capture the volatile pearl and obtain a unique glow
    • – blackcurrant seed oil supports comprehensive care
  • Long Cover Luminous Foundation 30ml

    The foundation was created to give skin a stunning shine. It contains pearl particles that reflect light and visually correct imperfections. The highlighting formula is responsible for subtle effect and fresh look. The vitamin C contained in the foundation intensifies natural glow and nourishes your skin

    • – subtle illumination effect and a fresh look
    • – pearly pigments reflect light and optically correct imperfections
    • – vitamin C cares for the natural glow and acts as an antioxidant
    • Clear
  • Eyebrow Styling Soap Brow Story Transparent, 8g

    Browstory is an innovative brow styling cosmetic, which helps nicely define the eyebrows and visually increase their volume, without any re-touch during the day. Its fully transparent
    formula ensures durability. It is flexible, easy to use and does not require water or fixing liquids to be added. Compared to brow gels, a soap is more durable and long-lasting.
    Active ingredient:
    basil root extract – improves the condition and density of eyebrows.
    How to use a brow styling soap?
    1. Spread the soap over the brush, so that it gets covered with the cosmetic.
    2. Smooth the eyebrows upwards to give them the desired shape.
    3. If you like a more sophisticated shape, fill in the gaps of thin brows with your favourite brow cosmetic, e.g. Powder Browpencil or Brow Couture Pomade by PAESE

  • Mascara Cheeky, 9ml

    lifted lash effect
    It’s easy to apply mascara that lengthens and lifts eyelashes. Its light, gel formula allows it to be applied in successive layers while creating the desired effect. Its innovative and strategic
    brush provides an instant curling effect and spectacular lash definition. Enriched with black pearl extract, the mascara revitalizes and moisturizes the eyelashes. Cheeky mascara is water-resistant and long-lasting: up to 12 hours on the eyelashes! It washes off easily leaving eyelashes in a good condition.

    Key features:
    an advanced firm brush core along with flexible and soft bristles;
    active ingredient: black pearl extract – which revitalizes and
    moisturizes eyelashes

  • Mascara Panoramic Volume Effect Liloosh, 10.5ml

    panoramic lash volume effect
    It is a mascara that provides a maximum volume and an instant effect with just one stroke. Its sensual scent of amber and black orchid makes using Liloosh a real everyday ritual.
    The hourglass-shaped wavy nylon brush, resembling a female body shape, ensures maximum volume and the panoramic effect. The brush bristles perfectly reach even the smallest eyelashes making them look thicker.

    Key features:
    gel substances of natural origin – thicker eyelashes;
    synthetic beeswax blend – instant volume;
    rice wax – easy application;
    film-forming polymers – better adhesion and durability

  • Starshower Eye Shadows Palette, 13g

    Make a wish and make it come true with our new Starshower Eyeshadow Palette!
    Starshower is an amazing palette with endless possibilities. It is composed of eyeshadows with a variety of shades and finishes. High-quality pearl pigments will provide a brilliant finish and intense colour. The matt shades are very highly pigmented, blend easily, and last all day long. The palette has been inspired by the colours of the universe and the galaxy.

  • Mattlicious Eye Shadow Palette, 12g

    Mattlicious is a palette of matt eyeshadows of new quality: these shades are super intensely pigmented and contain easy-to-blend formulas. The palette includes eight 100% matt, perfectly matched colours that give you a chance to create various looks for numerous occasions. We have achieved a nice balance by selecting four cool-toned shades, as well as four warm-toned colours. No other eyeshadows enhance and model the eyelid skin like matt shades do, that is why they are the most timeless and are always on top, regardless of the current trends

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